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We are so grateful for all of  our STAR supporters and individual donors! We could not work so hard toward our mission of increasing recycling rates in Texas, for Texans without you.


$500 and up

Nancy Aldrich

Kim Mote


$100 – $500

Maia Corbitt

Robert and Patricia Evans

Peggy and Mitchell Hausman

Lora Hinchcliff


Under $100

Lynne Aldrich

Judy Nichols Ansley

Bryan Bell

Heather Douglas

John Dunlap

Ashley Faseler

Susan Lee Griffis

John and Beth Hitchcock

Charles and Barbara Kindsvatter

Lawrence and Margaret Kremer

Jason McCombs

Pooneh Momeni

Kimberly Nelson

John and Debbie Powers

Neil Sammis

Stuart and Mary Schroeder

Ryan Spencer