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We are so grateful for all of  our STAR supporters and individual donors! We could not work so hard toward our mission of advancing recycling in Texas without you. Make a donation to STAR today.


$500 and up

Fred Ecoff


$100 – $500

Betsy Dorn

Austin Ellis

Andy Gabehart

George Gutierrez

Edward Inferrere

Amy Kirwin

Dale Labine

Sarah Mason

Jason McCombs

Pam & Bill McCombs

Michael Moreau

Andrea Rodriguez

Tim Warren

Ron Wattinger


Under $100

Erin Andary

Marianne Bergen

Wendy Chance

Brandy Clark

Anees Damrah

Heather Douglas

Donna Felton

Jeni Fengel

Jordan Fengel

Rowena Fengel

Chris Garcia

Jeremiah Hammer

Jenny Hays

Jennifer Heuss

Mike Houston

Misty Houston

Daniel Jacob

Kelly Keller

Bobby Kennedy

Brian Kerwin

Ben Lin

Amber Luce

Ken May

Peggy Morra

Sara Nichols

Shelli Patterson

Maurice Porter

Stacy Savage

Heather Shimala

Lanny Shivers

Carlos Vasquez

Aura y Carlos