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We work to advance recycling through partnerships, education, and advocacy for the benefit of Texas.


By working toward our mission of advance recycling in Texas, STAR is able to support economic growth, job creation, and resource conservation. We build and support end markets by coordinating stakeholders to find common ground through information sharing and partnerships that get recyclable materials to market. Through data-driven advocacy, we are shaping and defining the future of materials management by facilitating discussion that leads to action.

Our membership and partners represent a variety of sectors from the industry, and alliance is unmatched in scope and diversity, which allows us to be the resource for all things recycling in Texas.

Click here to view STAR’s Strategic Plan– which was updated and adopted October 2016. This plan outlines STAR’s mission and action items designated to helping us achieve this mission.

 View our Form 990 and Guiding Principles here.


What programs and initiatives does STAR use to achieve its mission?

Texas Recycling Data Initiative (TRDI): STAR, in partnership with TxSWANA and other stakeholder groups, has come together to initiate the first-ever statewide effort to capture and quantify recycling activities in Texas. This voluntary and confidential survey is a game changer for Texas and will make a case for market development, increased recycling infrastructure, and programmatic support for municipalities and businesses in the state.

Master Composter: STAR serves as the statewide administrator for Master Composter, which is a community-based program of citizen education and volunteer development, with backyard composting as its main focus. We launched the program in February 2014 and have been working with communities throughout Texas to start small-scale, grassroots compost programs in their area.

Educational Webinar Series: In 2013 STAR launched it’s webinar series, which provides educational opportunities for Texans to learn more about different aspects of the recycling industry through free informational webinars. Topics covered include: product stewardship, sustainable materials management, international commodity markets, rural recycling programs, food waste diversion, and more.

Annual Texas Recycling Summit: The annual STAR Summit is still the only state conference dedicated entirely to the recycling and waste diversion industry. Summit provides many educational and networking opportunities for conference attendees, including interactive panels, equipment demonstrations, and facility tours.

YardWise: Formerly a program of the TCEQ, YardWise is a website and resource for Texans who want to learn about cost-effective and environmentally responsible lawn-care techniques and strategies, such as grasscycling and composting. STAR is responsible for hosting the website and keeping the information and local resources as up-to-date and comprehensive as possible.

Scrap Tire Efforts and Involvement: STAR partnered with EPA Region 6, TCEQ, and the Border Environmental Cooperation Commission to host a workshop in El Paso in March 2014 that sought to rethink scrap tires as a resource – not as a waste. The participants of this workshop continue to meet regularly, and STAR also participates in a diverse stakeholder group that is working to craft better scrap tire legislation based on the needs of industry representatives.

Compost Summit: Compost Summit is an annual 2.5-day compost facility operator training event that is hosted by the STAR Texas Compost Council at an industrial compost site in Central Texas. Workshop attendees will learn about compost trends and techniques from industry experts and have the ability to earn CEUs, as well as participate in tours, hands-on demonstrations, networking events, and more.

Regional Workshops and Working Groups: STAR works to fill the needs of the recycling industry by cohosting regional workshops and putting together committees to work toward a specific issue or problem. For example, STAR has partnered with other organizations to provide a forum for action-orientated discussion as it pertains to scrap tires, recycling education and end markets, and sustainable materials management.