Scrap Tires

Scrap tires are a huge problem for municipalities around Texas, and STAR is working with various groups to help build end markets and encourage the recycling of tires that are cleaned up from tire piles or are no longer useful for transportation purposes.

As part of these efforts, STAR partnered with EPA Region 6, TCEQ, and the Border Environmental Cooperation Commission to host a workshop in El Paso in March 2014 that sought to rethink scrap tires as a resource – not as a waste. The workshop drew around 80 attendees, and the participants from the workshop continue to meet regularly to work on the actions defined from the collaborative effort.

STAR also participates in a diverse stakeholder group that is working to craft better scrap tire legislation based on the needs of industry representatives. By bringing together key players of the tire industry, STAR helps facilitate discussion and action-planning that can lead to collaborative change.