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It is plain and simple. We need to capture and recycle more glass in Texas.

STAR and the Glass Recycling Coalition (GRC) are co-hosting the Texas Glass Recycling Workshop so we can support and grow Texas glass recycling. Happening November 13th, 2019, at the Capitol Area Council of Governments (CAPCOG) building from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., multiple stakeholders from across the value chain will work together to identify what Texas has in place to recycle glass, what is needed, what is holding recycling back, and propose one or two pilot projects that will occur over 12-18 months. Registration and draft agenda can be accessed below.

There are only 10 tickets left as of 11.7.2019 so register now to reserve your spot!

Texas Glass Recycling Workshop Registration

Glass Workshop Agenda *draft*

Thank you to our lunch sponsor Strategic Materials!

Glass can be recycled endlessly with no loss in quality or purity. Glass containers returned for recycling help to make new glass bottles and jars (which can include over 95% recycled content), as well as fiberglass. Recycling glass has big environmental payoffs as well—it saves raw materials, lessens demand for energy, and cuts CO2 emissions.

Identified in the 2015 Study on the Economic Impacts of Recycling in Texas, the vast majority of Texas glass that was recycled through MRFs. Of the 165,527 total tons, 88,470 tons is glass containers and the remaining 77,057 tons are other glass.

The study also acknowledged that Texas disposed of 657,577 tons of glass in 2015.