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“Interpreting Pre-Consumer Recycled Content Claims”: A STAR Summary

For the inquisitive, and slightly skeptical, consumer, this report lays out the definition behind pre-consumer recycled content labels. It examines all of the pre-consumer recycled content guidelines out there and encourages manufacturers to work toward a closed-loop waste system. The perfect read for the label obsessed and green-wash weary.


This report was published by UL Environment, a company that advances the recognition of sustainable products by providing a special certification for products that that meet certain sustainability standards. 

The report begins…There is a great deal of debate within the environmental and manufacturing communities about which materials can be claimed as pre-consumer recycled content.1 UL EnvironmentSM encourages an end to this debate. Manufacturers, retailers and ultimately consumers stand to benefit from clarifying the kinds of materials and processes that contribute to how much content within any given product can legitimately be considered pre-consumer recycled. UL Environment has developed this document to provide clarity on interpreting existing guidelines to validate claims of pre-consumer recycled content and to serve as a reference for manufacturers. It is our position that it is time to move beyond defining the terms and to focusing on the vision and goals that drive us to consider recycled content in products a valuable practice.

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