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For more than 12 years, Recyclebank has been working toward a waste-free future by focusing on the real-world impact of inspiring and motivating individuals. As the first rewards-for-recycling program of its kind, it introduced the principles of a circular economy to a mainstream audience. By partnering with communities and a variety of brands, Recyclebank leverages its Marketing-as-a-Service and behavior change platform to educate and incentivize citizens to make better purchasing and disposal habits.

Diane Doster, Director of Community Solution Sales will be sharing details about the Recyclebank program, and how it has evolved over the past five years. She will also share a few case examples for both large and small municipalities and various program options depending on a community’s solid waste infrastructure, technology and goals.

Diane joined Recyclebank in 2012 from the Health and Wellness Industry and currently serves on the Board for the Arizona Recycling Coalition.

View this webinar and recording here.