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Map of Recycling in Texas

STAR, in collaboration with SERDC and the City of Austin’s Recycling Economic Development Program, has helped to identify over 125 businesses in Texas that process or use recycled feedstock. When communities invest in local recycling collection programs, they’re supporting regional processors and manufacturers who depend on recycled plastics, glass, metals, paper and related materials to […]

Results on The Study of Economic Impacts of Recycling Webinar

This webinar was presented on America Recycles Day to discuss and present the results of the ‘Study on the EconomicImpacts of Recycling’ in Texas – which was conducted by the TCEQ and built off the methodologies of previous recycling studies completed in Texas. Key topics discussed in this presentation are: -Current recycling efforts and recycling rate -Overall economic impact of […]

Policy Tools

The Carton Council has done research to identify effective policies and the BMP’s in implementing them in large part to benefit SROs, who often lack ample resources to develop tools. Their policy toolkit provides info on Pay-as-you-Throw, Universal Recycling, and Local Ordinances to increase recycling. Check out the complete toolkit and download infographics here! Pay-As-You-Throw: […]