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Ever wonder why you’re supposed to wash out plastic containers before you recycle them? Do you ever find yourself staring at a soda can and thinking, if I throw this in a recycling bin today, how long will it take before it’s back on the shelf and filled with Coke? Have you ever thought, does recycling even work? Well wonder no more. STAR is here to help you answer all your most burning recycling questions (don’t worry, we all have them).


To serve you best, we’ve divided up our resources section into two sections – one for the public and one for the industry. That way you don’t have to waste any time skimming through long data charts or reading 50 page documents with titles like, “Final Report of the Dialogue on Sustainable Financing of Recycling of Packaging at the Municipal Level.” Although if that’s what you’re into, please don’t be shy, and head on over to the Recycling Resources for the Industry page.


Otherwise, just stick with us and explore all of the wonderful resources we have collected for you right here on these pages. We have in-depth (yet highly readable) reports about everything from the economics of recycling to what it really means when a product label says that it contains pre-consumer recycled content. We have a page entirely devoted to sharing great information that can be found on other sites (because even we don’t have all the answers). And for all you visual learners, we have a page full of infographics and fact sheets for you to read, share, or hang on your refrigerator (Yes, they’re that pretty).


So start learning. School is now in session.