21,600,000. That’s how many results you get when you type “recycling” into Google. That is a lot of information to sift through on your own. Luckily, you don’t have to. STAR is here to help. We have put together a carefully curated list of the best recycling resources and websites out there, so that you don’t have to waste your time fishing around the internet, wondering if the information you find is even accurate.


This is STAR’s “Recycling Resources: Greatest Hits” page.


– “You can totally recycling unrecyclable plastic. Right?” via Grist.com

In plain language, this short and sweet article answers the age old question – why can’t I just throw everything into my recycling bin? The author explains why, however admirable your intentions, tossing non recyclable items into your bin actually does a lot more harm than good. A must read for all humans everywhere.

Grist recyclables


– Keep America Beautiful and the Ad Council

The “I want to be” campaign from Keep America Beautiful and the Ad Council has a beautiful website that is just loaded with user-friendly information about the economics and energy savings associated with recycling. It even has a recycling myth buster page to help you navigate the rumors from the truth. Oh, and they’re responsible for this adorable video:

– ReCommunity

ReCommunity is a recycling recovery and processing company with 36 different facilities in 13 states. In other words, they know what they’re doing and have been kind enough to share their knowledge and experience with us. The “LEARN” section of their website features tons of infographics detailing the journey of recyclable materials as they transform from things like old plastic bottles to brand new carpets. They also have a playlist of videos that provide step by step info about the recycling process, like the one below. In this video, ReCommunity takes you on a guided tour of its Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and despite the series of corny jokes told by the tour guide, the video is actually pretty good.

– Environmental Protection Agency

This infographic from the EPA is overflowing with good data about what America recycled and what it threw away in 2012. One of the highlights includes, “In 2012, nationally, we recycled and composted 87 million tons on municipal solid waste. Annually, this eliminated more than 168 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent emissions reduced, which is comparable to removing the annual emissions from over 33 million passenger vehicles.” Click here to see the rest of the infographic. EPA infographic


– PlanetGreenTV

The G Word is a show on PlanetGreenTV hosted by self-proclaimed waste sleuth, Todd Sutton. On the show’s YouTube channel, there are almost 100 videos tracking the innovative ways that everything from carpet to mannequins are recycled. To get started, check out this video below, which shows how one mattress can be recycled into four different products.


– Central Texas Recycling Committee Rural Recycling Guide

This comprehensive guide, put together by a STAR working group, explains why it is so important for individuals to get involved in increasing recycling in Texas. Supported by facts and data, the guide lays out the argument for recycling and then explains how you can make it work in your own community. You can look through the entire guide here>>