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Map of Recycling in Texas

STAR, in collaboration with SERDC and the City of Austin’s Recycling Economic Development Program, has helped to identify over 125 businesses in Texas that process or use recycled feedstock. When communities invest in local recycling collection programs, they’re supporting regional processors and manufacturers who depend on recycled plastics, glass, metals, paper and related materials to […]

Numbers to Know Report

Numbers to Know

Zero Waste: Impacting The Environment and The Bottom Line. This report consists of graphics and factoids about recycling in recent years compiled by UL LLC. Topics covered include: change in American waste streams over time, economics of recycling, and examples of industry progress.


Will the Millennial Generation Spell the End of Recycling?

This presentation was given by Barbara McConnell, vice president of marketing at my-waste Technology Solutions, during a STAR Webinar on May 19th, 2015. In this presentation: Are the typical outreach tools used to encourage the public to recycle working? How to reach a multi-generational audience? What makes millennials different from other age groups?

TRDI brochure

Texas Recycling Data Initiative (TRDI) Brochure

The Texas Recycling Data Initiative (TRDI), led by a partnership of the State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (STAR) and the Lone Star Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America (TxSWANA), seeks to quantify material availability for market and infrastructure development and resource planning and management. The initiative also aims to identify recycling […]

Product Stewardship 101

This document, produced by the Texas Product Stewardship Council, runs through the basics of product stewardship. It explains the principles of extended producer responsibility and is an excellent read for those just beginning to dive into the world of product stewardship.

Garner State Park

Garner State Park Waste Audit

  Objective The objective of this waste audit was to determine the nature and volume of materials currently going into the landfill that could be recycled using existing or new collection systems at Garner State Park. This project also recorded attitudes, behaviors and beliefs about recycling held by park visitors, staff, and hosts. Each of […]

Interpreting Pre-Consumer Recycled Content Claims

Interpreting Pre-Consumer Recycled Content Claims

“Interpreting Pre-Consumer Recycled Content Claims”: A STAR Summary For the inquisitive, and slightly skeptical, consumer, this report lays out the definition behind pre-consumer recycled content labels. It examines all of the pre-consumer recycled content guidelines out there and encourages manufacturers to work toward a closed-loop waste system. The perfect read for the label obsessed and […]

Environmental Benefits of Recycling

Environmental Benefits of Recycling: 2010 Update

“Environmental Benefits of Recycling”: A STAR Summary This follow-up to a massive 2006 study examines 55 life cycle analysis reports revolving around waste management practices for everything from plastics to wood. Its conclusion is clear –recycling offers more environmental benefits and lower environmental impacts than other waste disposal methods. In most cases, this means that […]