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Texas Compost Council
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The mission of the Texas Compost Council is to promote the use and environmentally responsible production of compost by individuals, industry, and public entities through public education, professional development, and research.

TCEQ has released a new form for Notice of Intent to Operate a Compost Facility (Compost Form 1). This form is to notify TCEQ of your intent to operate a compost facility that will compost any source-separated meat, fish, dead animal carcasses, trimmings, clean wood material, vegetative material, paper, or manure. Also use this form to make changes to feedstocks, cost estimates, or other details at existing facilities.

This notification is required by Title 30, Texas Administrative Code (30 TAC) Chapter 332, Section 332.21. You must provide this notification at least 30 days before you begin construction of the proposed facility, in accordance with 30 TAC 332.22. In addition to providing this notification, you must also ensure that your facility complies with Operational Requirements in 30 TAC 332.23, General Requirements in 30 TAC 332.4, and Air Quality Requirements in 30 TAC 332.8.