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In 2019, the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill (SB) 649, which requires the development of a Recycling Market Development Plan to examine the current recycling economy in Texas, discover opportunities for growth, and draft a proposal for action. The bill also includes the creation of a comprehensive educational campaign to cover the economics of recycling in Texas, highlight businesses that are involved in recycling in Texas, and to reduce contamination. The Recycling Market Development Plan will build upon the efforts of prior recycling studies in Texas, including the Study on the Economic Impacts of Recycling (SEIR), released in July 2017, which provided quantitative data about the Texas recycling industry’s input in the Texas economy.

The Recycling Market Development Plan

The RMDP provides tools and mechanisms that can be utilized by state and local governments to address identified barriers, opportunities and infrastructure needs to increase the overall recycling rate. This includes both material specific and cross-material strategies for market development.

S.B. 649

This Study was required by Senate Bill 649  of the 86th Legislature in 2019.

About the Study

The TCEQ hired Burns & McDonnell to conduct a study on the promotion of using recyclable materials as feedstock in processing and manufacturing; produce a Recycling Materials Development Plan (RMDP) and educational suggestions and materials; and other activities that meet the requirements included in Senate Bill 649.

The overall impact of recycling MSW on the Texas economy exceeded $4.8 billion in 2019. This puts the recycling industry on par with both the petroleum and furniture industries in Texas. 

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Download the STAR RMDP One Page Overview (shown above)

Read the highly-anticipated
Texas Recycling Market Development Plan here. 

On Nov 11, 2021 the STAR Board of Directors voted unanimously to send the following documents to Texas Lawmakers for consideration during the session interim:

STAR TX RMDP One Page Overview

STAR - Letter of Transmittal - Interim Charge

STAR Proposed Senate Interim Charges

STAR Proposed House of Representatives Interim Charges 

These documents were developed with great help from the STAR Business Council and STAR Board Policy Committee and were informed by comments from STAR membership, STAR affiliates, and other Texas recycling industry stakeholders. 

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